We know, we know, canvas prints can be expensive! Believe us, between startups and our personal lives, we’ve spent a small fortune on the magical wrap. We knew we needed to find an awesome wrap at an amazing price… even if we had to do it ourselves. So that’s what we did. And with Good Hangz, we’re letting you in on it. Lucky you!

Good Hangz in 3 Easy Steps

1.) Pick Your SizeChoose one of four perfect sizes: Square Hangz, Family Hangz, Office Hangz, or Big Hangz
2.) Pick Your EdgeThe right edge can make all the difference in your good hang. Choose a Folded, Mirrored, Black, or White edge.
3.) Upload Your ImageUpload the image you would like to adorn your wall as a good hang for all your friends to see

Perfect Sizes for any Picture 

Our expertise shows these are the 4 most popular choices and the only ones you’ll need. Really.

Square Hangz

12″ x 12″
(Horizontal  |  Vertical)

Office Hangz

20″ x 16″ | 16″ x 20″
 (Horizontal  |  Vertical)

Family Hangz

24″ x 18″ | 18″ x 24″
 (Horizontal  |  Vertical)

Big Hangz

36″ x 24″ | 24″ x 36″
 (Horizontal  |  Vertical)

Make Your Canvas Edgy

The right edge to make your picture pop!

Folded Edge

The image is printed large enough that it continues around the sides. For images with details near the edge, such as words, the folded edge is not recommended

Mirrored Edge

The sides of the image are mirrored or reflected to cover the sides of the canvas.

Black Edge

The image is only printed on the front of the canvas and the edges are black.

White Edge

The image is only printed on the front of the canvas and the edges are white.

Making it Good Every Time

High Quality Products

We know a good thick canvas when we see it. That’s why our high quality wraps only come in a gallery-worthy 1.5″ depth. Each hang is digitally printed at the highest of resolutions, on a perfectly artistic semi­gloss canvas. To ensure the highest quality, your memories are hand-wrappewd onto MDF stretcher frames, quickly transforming your favorite pictures into Good Hangz.

No Gimmicks or Fake Sales

The other guys always show massive discounts, but after upgrades, options, and shipping, you’re paying a lot more than that discounted price. We only use the thickest frame, your hanging hardware is included and your shipping is always FREE. With Good Hangz, the price you see is the price you pay, every time. (excludes Uncle Sam’s cut of course – local sales tax apply)