Big Hangz – 36″24″


Choose between a 36″x24″ horizontal hang or a 24″x36″ vertical Hang. A Big Hangz is the perfect size for showing off your favorite photo.
24"x18" (Horizontal) or 18"x24" (Vertical)
24x18 (Horizontal) +
18x24 (Vertical) +
Not Sure? The Folded Edge is Our Most Popular.
Mirrored +
Folded +
Black +
White +
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Choose between a 36″x24″ horizontal hang or a 24″x36″ Vertical Hang. The Office Hangz is perfect for displaying above your desk or on a  bookshelf. They of course aren’t limited to the office, they go great anywhere in the house.
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As with all of our Good Hangz, the hanging hardware is included and the shipping is FREE!

Additional information
Dimensions 36 × 1.5 × 24 in

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